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How to Use Your Bat Grip?

"Young players normally do not possess the hand and arm strength to properly grip the bat and maintain that grip thru the entire swing. They tend to fall back to natural human instinct and rotate their bottom hand inward and hold the bat in their palms vs their fingers while not aligning the “knocking knuckles” creating a poor grip and wrist rollover. The Bat Grip solves this problem."

What Professionals Say About Bat Grip?

"The grip is often overlooked and can be an important part of your swing. Grip loosely and line up the knuckles, this unlocks your wrist which allows your hands, wrist and forearm to assist you in the swing which creates a whole lot more bat speed" - Cal Ripken – (hall of famer) Youtube - Mar 14, 2013

"Having the right grip is an important part of the ideal bat path. “The Bat Grip” allows young players to feel the perfect grip without having to think about it. The grip forces the players to hold to bat in the fingers and reduces rollovers, which will help increase bat speed and contact. The right grip is the start of a good swing.” - Dan Rizzie, Catcher, New York Mets



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