Baseball and Softball Ideal Stance

As with everything in life you have to prepare and work for success.  Here are some tips for youth players and coaches to use at practice or training.  A basic  foundation is critical for hitting success at every level.  Youth batters especially need to feel comfortable and confident in the batters box.  Do yourself or your player a favor and work on the proper funduntments until they become a habit.  It takes time!  Proper stance, the bat grip, bat positioning, chin positioning, elbow positions, knees position, and weight distribution comprise the proper stance.

  • Bat Grip "Knocking Knuckles" aligned
  • Knees Slightly bent
  • Front Foot at the "roof" of home plate
  • 55% of body weight on back leg
  • Knob of bat pointed towards the ground
  • Back elbow at 45 degree angle
  • Front elbow tucked in 
  • Chin on front shoulder

Questions please reach out to us!

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