“Knuckles” Bat Grip

The "knuckles" bat grip name is derived from the way your "door knocking knuckles" line up vertically on the bat handle.  I had not heard of this style until my son started playing baseball (I wish I had!). One of his coaches started praising it as the "correct" way to hold a baseball bat.  Then batting coach after batting coach focused on the “Knuckles” bat grip.  My son has had great success with the bat grip and I have been sold ever since.  The “Knuckles” bat grip is a very comfortable grip that keeps the bat handle close to your fingertips. It gives the batter great bat control, which is especially important for youth baseball and softball hitters.  Baseball and all sports are a game of inches so with this extra bat control it could be the difference between a ground ball to second base, or a line drive up the middle.  So as we say at The Bat Grip, Grip it Right so you Hit it Right!  Here's to your kid's success!

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