The “Explode” position

Before you get here make sure you look at the Ideal Stance.  Followed by Load Position.   The front foot is firmly planted on the ground “stomping the bug”. Make sure the foot stays “closed” and not pointed towards the pitcher. The back foot simply rotates inward on the toes “squishing the bug”. At this point the majority of your weight has transferred from the back leg to the front leg. The hips turn when the front foot lands and the back foot rotates inward. Then swing the arms thru in a snapping motion with the knob of the bat leading thru the zone. If the “knocking knuckles” are aligned properly then the wrist will turn naturally creating the whip. Make sure you keep both hands on the bat thru the entire swing. The chin will naturally go from the front shoulder to the back shoulder. Keep the eyes locked on the ball all the way into the bat.


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  • This was a excellent discussion.Been coaching for 55 years and seeing a young player get is 1st ever hit while playing with his peers.Teaching kids correctly is as big a battle as getting youth coaches to teach the absolutes of hitting correctly.Keep up your good work.

    • Tom Collins