The problem with Hitting

According to Ted Williams, a MLB Hall of Famer and the last player to hit over .400 in 1941.  “Without question the hardest single thing to do in sport is hit a baseball”.

Players at all levels define success by how many times and how they make contact with the ball regardless if they reached a base or not.

  • The key to becoming an effective hitter starts with the correct bat grip and with consistency.
  • Having everything else mechanically correct will not help the player improve his odds of hitting the ball if his grip is not correct.
  • Bat grip is what connects the baseball player to the bat and will effect how it moves through the strike zone.
  • The hitter will never reach their potential and will not experience the success they desire.

  • Instantly creates the proper grip alignment of the “knocking knuckles” and forces the hitter to keep their hands locked into the correct position from the beginning to the end of the swing. This increases bat speed, power and improved contact rate.
  • Improves the likelihood of youth players hitting the ball consistently and in turn increases youth baseball participation.
  • Helps the youth player take the correct grip of the bat every time, which is the foundation to hitting a baseball.  
  • Eliminates bat sting.
  • Creates confidence for the hitter by significantly improving performance from the first swing.
  • Naturally helps the hitter develop muscle memory and proper swing mechanics.
  • Helpful for coaches and parents who are working with youth players because it saves the coach and parent hundreds of hours of teaching and reinforcing the “correct grip” allowing them to focus on other key elements of hitting like foot placement, weight transfer, hip rotation etc. Thus helping players get better quicker.
  • Will help seasoned players get their swing back quickly after long layoffs from playing other sports or recovering from injuries.


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