About Us

Our mission is to help boys and girls enjoy the games of baseball and softball one swing at a time.

Hi, I’m Ray DePaoli, parent, coach, and inventor of the “Bat Grip." I have coached more than one hundred fifty players from as young as five years old up to 18 years old with skill sets from novice to national level travel baseball. Several players I've coached have gone on to play college baseball, too.

During my many years of coaching and teaching players how to hit, one challenge would come up again and again. Taking and keeping the correct bat grip. Players at all levels define hitting success by how many times they make contact with the baseball, regardless if they reached a base or not. My product, the Bat Grip, is designed to help players connect with the baseball more frequently and with more power.

I developed the Bat Grip with the youth player in mind, from beginners as young as four and up to Jr. High School, age 14. These are the most critical years for youth players to develop the correct mechanics and skills that will allow them the opportunity to play high school ball and beyond. By the way, the “Bat Grip” isn’t just for boys. It works just as well for girls playing softball, too.

The key to becoming a capable hitter starts with the correct bat grip. Everything else can be mechanically correct, but the player's odds of hitting the ball will not improve if his grip is not right. The grip is the foundation of successful hitting. As a coach, I couldn’t tell you how many hours I spent teaching and reinforcing with my players how to take and keep the correct grip. Having the players hands in the wrong position is frustrating for the coach, the player, and the parents.

I searched for years to find a product that would help solve this problem, and I never saw it. The baseball product industry has spent all its time and resources creating expensive bats using space-age materials and claiming it will help the player hit better. I would see products that would focus on swinging the bat faster, building swing strength, etc., but I never saw anything on the first rule of hitting, taking the correct bat grip and repeating it!

I asked myself, wouldn’t it make sense to start with the correct mechanics before you buy expensive bats and accessories? I decided something had to change. I started working on the Bat Grip in early 2015. With help from an engineer at the University of Dayton Research Institute, we came up with the ideal product that solves the problem and provides added benefits for the player.

But it wasn’t enough to have superior engineering. I also sought feedback from current and former professional baseball players in Cincinnati, OH. The consensus was that we had solved a fundamental problem they see while giving professional hitting lessons to players of all ages and skill sets.

The “Bat Grip” will increase your odds of hitting the ball more often while developing the correct mechanics to improve performance and results. It will build confidence as well as give the player a sense of accomplishment and joy playing our great American pastime.

I hope your player has as much fun playing baseball or softball as I had growing up. With the Bat Grip, they will now have the tool to give them the edge they deserve.

Hit It Right!
Ray DePaoli