• Is the Bat Grip game play legal?

Yes, Baseball rules start at the Major League level and then get modified as they make their way down thru the amateur ranks from College to High School to Youth.

Official answer per Official Baseball Rules. Sec. 1.10 (c) The bat handle, for not more than 18 inches from its end, may be covered or treated with any material or substance to improve the grip. Any such material or substance that exceeds past the 18 inch limitation shall cause the bat to be removed from the game.

The Bat Grip is a material and does not exceed the 18 inch limit, therefore it is completely legal.

  •  Can the Bat Grip be used in all weather conditions?

The Bat Grip was specifically engineered to be used in cold weather as low as 20 deg. F and hot weather as high as 120 deg. F. as well as rain. It’s also UV protected and will not degrade in sun light.

  •  Question – Should my child use batting gloves while using the Bat Grip?

Batting gloves are not necessary when using the Bat Grip. The Bat Grip was specifically designed to allow the player to hit without batting gloves. However if your child feels inclined to use batting gloves it shouldn’t impede their performance.  If you child chooses to use them we recommend that the batting gloves fit a bit snug. That way the hitter has a  firm feel for the grip.

What Youth bats will it work with?   All youth bats except :Demarini Voodoo -5, Marucci 2017 Cat6 and Cat7 -5

Trouble Shooting 

  • What to do if the Bat Grip does not fit  snug or is loose fitting on your child’s bat. 

We see this often with worn bat taped handles. There’s two ways to fix and both are easy and inexpensive.

  1. Remove the current bat tape and reapply new bat tape.
  2. Simply wrap a layer or two of athletic tape over the existing worn bat taped handle.
  • If your bat has a flared taped end near the knob of the bat so the Bat Grip won’t fit against the knob of the bat.  

We see this with some of the Louisville Slugger bats. For some reason they apply a thicker type of bat tape at the bottom inch of the bat near the knob. We don’t generally recommend that type of grip on youth bats. Normally you see that with BBCOR bats. The reason being is that youth players don’t have the hand and arm strength to allow for the bottom fingers to flare out on the grip. This will interfere with their performance and often contribute to bad mechanical habits.

To fix this you can simply remove the current bat tape and reapply a standard off the shelf type or use the Bat Grip in a “choke up” manner and apply the grip just above the flared part of the handle.